Plan to change the world


For several years, UNIGLOBE Travel has been actively raising funds to help the Girl Child through an international initiative of Plan – Because I am a girl. In India, our partnership with Plan sustains a Modern school program in Samastipur, Saran and Vaishali districts of Bihar to provide education and help young girls rise out of poverty.


Since the very beginning, it has been an important part of our culture to reach out to those in need and constantly give back to the community we live in. As a global organization with a reach in over 60 countries, we realize our potential as a well-knit community and our power to make a difference.


Over the years, we’ve stepped up to support several causes in support of children and families in need and provided relief to innumerable victims of devastating natural disasters, be it to the tragedy that unfolded in Haiti, or the destructive floods in Pakistan and to the Japan tsunami victims through Relief organizations such as the Laurie Radloff Foundation.